Wedge wire screens


The main structural element of the filtering equipment manufactured by PO STRONG JSC is the wedge wire screen.

The filter element is manufactured by spiral winding of profile wire to the support rods of various sections. Each intersection point is connected by welding. The resulting design has a predetermined gap with tight tolerances over the entire length.

Profiled wire of triangular cross section is made of heat-treated and corrosion resistaned stainless steel of low carbon grades like AISI 304, 316L.

The wedge wire screen is the smooth hard screen with longitudinal or radial slots of certain size with a tolerance of + / - 15 microns.

Wedge wire screen benefits

  • Accurate slots tolerance significantly improves the quality of filtration
  • Smooth mirror-like screen surface without breaks and edges
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes for support elements and wires allows to create the necessary flow area
  • Surface regeneration carried out by backwash: mechanical particles are in unstable position on the filter surface contributing to low slots plugging
  • Rigid design withstands considerable pressure drops
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes for support elements and wires allows to create the effective cross section of the filtering element

Usage of wedge wire elements in well screens and other filtration equipment allows to:

  • provide a minimum hydraulic resistance;
  • to prevent clogging of filter surface due to particles contact only in 2 points;
  • evenly distribute the medium flow;
  • eliminate the occurrence of dead zones.

Wedge wire with pentagonal profile

For difficult conditions of natural resources extraction (oil, gas and gas-condensate) the PO STRONG JSC has developed new profile with pentagonal cross section.

This type of profile is used in the filtering equipment for completion of horizontal, directional wells and lateral holes.


  • Straight base wire providing the required filtering accuracy at medium high flow rate
  • Profile wear by abrasive solids takes place uniformly across the width of a rectangular region without slot size changing
  • High precision manufacturing technology and geometry quality of pentagonal section filter elements have no existing analogues on the market.

The use of a pentagonal section profile gives high performance, guarantees reliable and long-term operation of both filters and all downhole equipment.