Snake screens


Snake Flexible well screen is designed specifically to allow the free passage into the downhole, in areas with a small radius of curvature and a high build-up rate, without the risk of base pipe and screen slots deformation.

Snake screen consists of several sections connected by articulated knuckles. Number of joints is determined depending on the borehole bending radius and dogleg severity.


  • Maintaining screen integrity during axial rotation of the liner up to 360 ° while running into the well
  • Improving the effectiveness of well completion by reducing the friction force
  • The high degree of mechanical resistance as well as resistance to corrosion and temperature (at the internal sealing joint - up to 327 ° C)
  • Easy installation and running into the well: low friction , low risk of slot deformation
  • Calculation of the design in accordance with the well trajectory, the selection of the optimal length of filter elements (by 80 cm to 5 m) and the number of articulations. Depending on knuckles quantity the bending radius can reach 220o/ 30 m


  • Vertical , deviated and horizontal wells uncased
  • Wells with a high coefficient of curvature and build up rate
  • Side track with irregular curvature intensity