Liner hanger packer


Liner hanger packer is designed for running and sealing the liner in the casing for directional and horizontal wells. It consists of a sealing unit, an anchor, a hydraulic landing gear and hydro-disconnecting joint.

Distinctive features

Design of the liner hanger packer anchor:

  • The anchor is mounted on the rectangular elongated slips, which move freely in a T-shaped grooves allowing rigid fixation of liner hanger packer
  • axial stroke slip limiter is provided • has three cylindrical rubber sleeves with steel disconnections between them to ensure the long-term sealing
  • Axial compression of sleeves is restricted
  • Ease of installation; doesn’t require any special routine maintenance in preparation to downhole running
  • overall length has been reduced up to 4 meters, while maintaining all functional purposes;
  • Two types of disconnection: hydro disconnection or flap on the left side