Direct wrap-on pipe screen


  • Completion of Oil & Gas and Water wells: casing, open hole, open hole with gravel pack


  • Tight fit of support elements and wire creates the necessary compression around the pipe and forms a perfect cylindrical shape
  • No risk of displacement or unwinding of profile wire
  • Support elements crimp landing onto the base pipe eliminates the need for a welding
  • Long service life in harsh industrial environments
  • Maintaining a high rotational loads
  • High resistance to tension and destruction during running and retrieving
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Screen diameter range of 60 mm to 245 mm.
  • Tight slot tolerance (+ / - 15 microns )
  • Easy backwashing
  • Filter elements are made of stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L, etc.


Direct wrap-on pipe screens are manufactured by the method of spiral winding of high-strength profiled wire directly onto the base perforated pipe, with densely supported elements (stiffening ribs). The support elements are connected by contact welding to the profile wire ft each intersection point.

Thus, the structure is a single-piece screen with high strength characteristics.

Filtration degree depends on slot size (50 microns to 2000microns).

Diameter and the number of support elements should be chosen depending on the desired strength characteristics and screen diameter.

Well screen with direct wrap are made in different sizes and can be supplied with centralizers, casing float collars and shoes.